TheOsakaKoneko (theosakakoneko) wrote,

shit for saaaaale (take 2 cuz all my line breaks disappeared wtf)

I think I've mentioned I'm selling EVERYTHING.


Shipping will be $5 within US for 1-2 items, $10 for 3+. Not gonna worry about exacts here.
Internationally it will be $35. Sorry. Blame the fucking USPS. More for more items but I'll try to keep it down.

I'm not taking photos of every tiny damage or taking measurements. SORRY. I don't have TIME. I'm not posting to comm_sales yet. I want to sell AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE without all that noise because I simply do not have time. I am willing to hold things, but I want things gone/spokenfor/sold/done with. I've been meaning to get around to this for too long and starting to think I never will.

Please understand all items sold AS IS. I'm keeping this friends only to avoid drama and difficulty. If you are afraid to buy something with a little wear, please refrain altogether. If I've missed something BAD, we will discuss and I will refund part or let you return, but please, if you find something small I've missed, just let it go - these are the terms of this sale, because I don't have time to do it properly for this much stuff.

To the quickest go the spoils. Have at 'em.

Wardrobe 110131 032

First, bags.

Swimmer, Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose
Innocent World (with replica of same hiding behind), Angelic Pretty, Bodyline x 4

Wardrobe 110131 033

Baby blue AP school bag. Never used. NWT. $120

Others not for sale.

Innocent World, off-brand, Mar Jour, Angelic Pretty
Alice and the Pirates, Heart E x 3, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World

Wardrobe 110131 034

Innocent World olive green cameo bag and matching 3 tier skirt. $160 for set. Skirt is in good shape, probably shows a little wear but no damages or stains. Bag is in good shape but has a tendency to fold over in half towards the front if empty from where the fabric is less starched there. I've seen old ladies on the train in Japan carrying this bag, non-lolitas, so it is timeless and will be good forever. It's a beautiful set. I think the bag is in near perfect condition for being USED but it probably has some small discoloration on the bottom and handles where held.

Angelic Pretty mint macaron bag $100, in great condition, may have a bit of discoloration from light use but no real damages. Rare. This was actually pulled off of shelves because of a manufacturing issue where the stabilizer fabric underneath the lining has words on it and can be seen slightly through the lining, so AP stopped selling them and didn't rerelease, but you could still buy it in person in store only if you looked at the issue in person and decided you wanted it anyway. You could not buy it online or via reservation. Rare because of this. Outside is not affected by this issue.

Alice and the Pirates white wolf shoulder bag (bottom shelf on left) $75
Never used. NWOT. Adorable and cute.

Pink Heart E handbag with polkadot lining and bow. $30
Used. Shows some signs of use. No damage, but yellowing on straps where held.

Others not for sale.

Angelic Pretty, Bodyline, Heart E, Angelic Pretty, Bodyline
Metamorphose, off-brand x 5, Hot Topic, Heart E, Innocent World, off-brand, vintage, off-brand

Wardrobe 110131 035

AP Lyrical Bunny head bag. $70
Bag itself in good shape, looks nice and new, but the heart charm fell off the zipper pull, so it's just a jump ring now. You could add some other cute charm. The ears don't stand up nicely - they never did to start with. It's still hella cute. This bag is ridiculously adorable.

AP candy bag. $70
I think this is pretty much in perfect shape other than again the charm being missing so it's just a jump ring. Add your own charm.

huge hot pink bodyline heart bag $20
Never used I think? Maybe once? Not sure. Cute enough, just don't need it.

Metamorphose Toy Box skirt and structured tote bag set $110
I think they're both in pretty damned good shape. I've used the bag a few times, may show wear, no damage.

Others not for sale.


Angelic Pretty

Fantastic Dolly - wow I bought ths after my wardrobe post? lol

Comes with hairbow and socks.
$450 for set. Great condition, maybe some slight wear on socks. Nearly perfect.

Milky Planet, Wonder Cookie

Wardrobe 110131 046

Milky Planet is DAMAGED LIKE HELL. The straps are pretty much ruined. They are dyed orange from spray sunscreen. FAIL FAIL FAIL. SO SAD. I cannot get the stains out. Maybe you will fare better but don't count on it. (Then again I SUCK at getting stains out.) Maybe I should try again. ROSE HOW DID YOU GET THE STAINS OUT OF THE BPN DRESS???

Anyway, probably still ask $300 for this even though it's damaged. Gonna see if I can get the stains out first though one more time before selling it.

Wonder Cookie SET $300
JSK is yellowed at the halter neck on the inside (part that touches the skin). Probably along the whole halter and maybe other places, but really just bad at the back of the neck. No other damages or stains that I'm aware of. Probably still wearable without seeing any damage, but NO GUARANTEES. Comes with socks and wristcuffs. Wristcuffs show wear, have not been taken care of as well as they ought, probably some damage, but still look mostly fine. Socks show wear, probably some stained dirtiness at bottom and wear in the print where it always does.

Milky Berry, Berry-chan

Wardrobe 110131 047

Comes with jsk, hairbow, socks.
Shows some wear but pretty much in good shape. No real damage or stains or anything. Maybe some yellowong on straps, not sure. AS IS though, if there's a small stain or something on it I didn't see/remember please don't bitch about it heheh. If there is major damage I somehow missed we can talk. Socks DO have damage. Socks have yellowing at the top where I used spirit gum to keep them up (OOPS NEVER AGAIN - thought I could substitute it for socks glue...worked perfectly but stained the socks. FUCK.) and some wear where the strawberries are knitted in as always happens. Still look pretty nice despite all this. You know, they're socks.

Berry-chan $220
Good shape, no damage I can notice, no real signs of wear. Doesn't come with any other matching pieces.
Shown as halter but it's not a halter. I just wore it that way. May have some wear to straps because of this.

Starry Night Theater, Marionette Girl

Wardrobe 110131 048

SNT not for sale until I do some repairs on it (slight rip on seam)

Marionette Girl $200
JSK is in pretty good shape, there MAY be some slight wear to the velveteen in spots but honestly I can't remember any. A tiny spot on the front of the skirt where it got rubbed in shipping and the fabric is kinda worn, but not noticeable. I show it haltered here since that's how I wore it but it's a regular JSK. There may be some slight yellowing on the back of the bottoms of the straps but it shouldn't be noticeable worn. I'll check before sending it out. Comes with headband and brooch.

Jewelry Jelly, Wonder Party

Wardrobe 110131 049

Wonder Party $350
Comes with socks and hairbow.
In pretty good shape, I can't remember any damage at all. Socks will show wear but not out of hand, mostly on feet.

JJ not for sale

Red polka-dots

Wardrobe 110131 050

Left chiffon already sold.
Right heart pockets $120
Has some signs of wear. No stains but a general slightly used feeling, esp on the straps.

Yumemiru Macaron, older navy ribbon

Wardrobe 110131 051

Macaron sold. (Bag available above tho!)

Navy ribbon dress $140
I can't find when or where I bought this but it probably had a couple of owners. It's really old, from at least before I got into lolita, I'd say 2004 at latest. In good shape, I can't find any damage, but it does have a slight used feeling. Full shirring and straps that tie at top make it really versatile in sizing but it's a little shorter than a lot of things so I wouldn't rec for a tall girl. Totally adorable tho. Worth it for vintage cool points for sure.

Strawberry Ribbon, Happy Garden

Wardrobe 110131 052

Strawberry Ribbon $300
Comes with headdress.
No damage I can find. Maybe a used feeling on the straps but pretty much in perfect shape to my knowledge.

Happy Garden $250
JSK only. Perfect condition to my knowledge.

Cinderella (2004! I love this dress so much. It was in the shop the first time I went in, and I couldn't fit/afford it makes me ridiculously happy to have it now after all these years [I just bought it last year]. I love finding things that were out when I first got into lolita. ♥)

Wardrobe 110131 053

Cinderella $200
This is another old one, 2004 or so. Beautiful. Honestly too small for me so I'd recommend only if you're petite (or at least more petite than I).
Has some small stain on the front bow. Mostly not noticeable. May show some wear throughout but in good shape.

Solids - mint ("vanilan" fabric I love to death), red (corduroy! ♥)

Wardrobe 110131 054

Mint not for sale

Red $100
Shows wear, has some rips in the lace. Corduroy so it probably shows wear in some places. One of the first dresses I owned.

Not sure the name of any of these...

Wardrobe 110131 056

Red plaid skirt $60

Has been worn a lot, shows some wear, esp in waistband (curls down), but in great shape otherwise, no stains or damage.

Black x pink skirt $90
Pretty much perfect shape. Has a bow brooch that comes with it. A good basic.

Brooch shown on head here

Red polkadot heart pocket $90
Pretty much perfect shape. A good basic.

Alice and the Pirates

Masquerade Theater, Sleeping Beauty

Wardrobe 110131 057

I think super_moogles has dibs on Masquerade Theater. How about $280? I haven't inspeceted it but the damage really wasn't that bad, just the boning sticking through which SUCKS but is an inevitable design flaw in this dress according to what everyone's been saying. Did you still want it or did you give up because I was so slow about it? XD

Sleeping Beauty set $400
Comes with bow. Perfect condition. Dress cost me an arm and a leg cuz I got hit with customs. :(

Wardrobe 110131 059

AatP pirates dress $100
Comes with apron, cute without it.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Bustle back shirred

Wardrobe 110131 058

Both of these are a little worn and have a button missing for the waistties but that's easily fixed.

$250 each. Brown shows more wear than green/blue but both are in pretty good shape. Brown was one of my favorites, bought that bitch full price from the store the moment I saw it lol. Gorgeous color.

Basic shirred

Wardrobe 110131 060

Black NWT, red worn like 3 times. Perfect condition both
Black $150, red $120

Wardrobe 110131 061

Black x white has a lot of yellowing on the lace. Old and worn a lot. $60

Pink check has some wear but is in pretty good shape. I think it has a couple tiny tiny blue ink spots on it from the person I bought it from packaging it carelessly. Still very cute $120

Velour babydoll, Poodle Parade (another super old one! ♥)

Wardrobe 110131 062

Velour worn a few times but in perfect condition. Beautiful dress. $160

Poodle Parade in horrible condition, shirring completely lost its elasticity, waist elastic snapped and came out. Bought this at CC in about the same poor condition it's still in. But it's ooooooold and in my mind therefore valuable for its rarity. I understand no one may want to buy it for my price but I'll probably keep it for collector purposes if not lol. $100

Alice Portrait, Novala God Save the Lolita, Alice in Fun Fair, Alice in Sweets Country

Wardrobe 110131 066

Alice Portrait in perfect shape, wore it once for a few hours. $110

Novala sold

Alice in Fun Fair skirt, good condition, only wore it once, $70

Alice in Sweets Country skirt, good condition, never wore it, $70

Wardrobe 110131 067

BPN dress sold

Cornet polkadots $100, comes with hairbow

Emily Temple cute

Wardrobe 110131 068

Black velour dress $120
Very gorgeous but very warm.

Other not for sale

Wardrobe 110131 069

Tart dress is kinda worn, it's one of my go-to dresses for lazy Sundays, $80

Cherry skirt never worn, prob worn by prev owner, good condition $40

Heart E

The music skirt and the pink floral corduroy were two of my very first pieces back in 2005. SO NOT FOR SALE lol

Wardrobe 110131 070

Red plaid jsk, great condition, beautiful dress $100

Innocent World

Cherry Cat, and some other floral cat print

Wardrobe 110131 071

Floral cat stripe $150
Comes with side hairbow headdress, never worn (too small for me..technically fits but squishes my bust)

Cherry cat $150
comes with side hairbow headband. Worn once by me and once by someone else in a fashion show

Yes, I do have this same dress in 3 that strange?
(I really really *really* loved this dress. Still do.)

Wardrobe 110131 072

Green and black not selling
Pink $120
Shows some wear, I mean, it was one of my go-tos for years, but the pink I wore less than the others so it's not so bad. XD No real damage, just general wear.

Wardrobe 110131 073

Polkadot jsk $130
comes with side bow headband
has some discoloration on it in places, I think a few things have been spilled on it but the stains mostly came out. Shows some general wear but not much.

Rose Crown Velveteen
I...rather liked this one too.
But note my willpower! I only have 2! It also came in blue...which was gorgeous...

Wardrobe 110131 074

Pink $150
comes with self-made bow of same fabric you can stick on another headband. Same style as my standard hairbow headbands.
Matching socks also available $15 each, I have cream with pink roses and crowns and black with pink roses and crowns

Black jsk is sold.

More velveteen...the Piano series was the first thing where I actually felt my heart stop when I walked in a shop and saw the sample on a mannequin.

Wardrobe 110131 075

black velveteen jsk $150, good condition, prob shows some wear

piano not for sale

Alice Trump.

Wardrobe 110131 076

Black skirt $120, good condition

Dollhouse long skirt, Rose Cameo skirt, Crown Ribbon Skirt
I used to have this Crown Ribbon skirt in navy blue - it was also one of the first items I purchased. But I gave up on it ever fitting again, and sold it to a friend. Then I lost a ton of weight...and missed it desperately. Then I found someone selling the pink on the comm! ♥!

Wardrobe 110131 077

Dollhouse skirt $100

Cameo skirt and purse set $160, see purse at top of post. Good condition, may show some wear

Pink crown ribbon skirt $90, has some damage in back by the shirring, a rip that is easily fixed.


A lucky pack acquisition I may still sell (hence the plastic in tact), and a sailor dress I loved for YEARS and finally found on the sales comm (in plastic because it's WHITE and I'm terrified it'll get dirty even just hanging in my closet lol)

Wardrobe 110131 079

Lucky pack wine x white polkadot jsk and bloomers set $100

white sailor dress $120 perfect condition, I never wore it because I was waiting to make a matching hat and never got around to it I SUCK. D:

Apples print, and Metamorphose music print (so blurry T_T)

Wardrobe 110131 080

Apple print goes to Jordana - did we discuss price yet? I can't rememberrrrrrrr

Music jsk $120, comes with underskirt of pretty dot tulle ruffles

Wardrobe 110131 081

Marine jsk, has some wear, $80

Velveteen series from 2006 (I think), and seriously vintage floral print (I think this was probably originally longer and was modded...I bought it like third-hand or more on the comm...I was sad to realize it was heavily modded, but I do still like it how it is, and I love collecting older items!)

Wardrobe 110131 082

Velveteen fancy dress, kinda small in size, $120, good shape, some buttons will need to be tightened, shows some wear under arms and such but no stains, no damage, this was a really expensive dress and is totally stunning on but rather warm to wear so hard to wear casually. Comes with a TON of tiny bow brooches that aren't shown here but will be included. Like 6 of them.

vintage Meta dress has been modded, was floor length and is now knee-length, not by me and not well (using hemming tape rather than stitched) but looks nice anyway, $60 (totally worth more but I got this cheap thus will sell it cheap...sadly can't remember how much I paid, just that it was CHEAP, so I can't guarantee this is the right amount to charge but fuck it)

Leopard Cat, Candy House, Toy Box

Wardrobe 110131 083

Leopard cat never worn. NWT $80

Candy house worn a bunch of times, still great condition, waist tie belt shows some wear but not bad, $80

Toy box skirt and tote bag set $110

Trump Applique, velour from winter lucky pack a few years ago

Wardrobe 110131 084

Trump applique NWT - the waist on this is TINY and it's short, warning. $90

White velour, has some small stains. Largish size - elastic waist. $80

Wardrobe 110131 086

Biscuit (second release - circle skirt) - $90, good condition, no problems

Wardrobe 110131 089

Pink Macaroon 34" - beautiful but too big for me, need to get it resized but I also have too much stuff so maybe I'll just sell instead lol; $90. Comes with hairbow headband.

Handmade by other people (tsu, novalis_b, chiaki_ayumi, elerronyar). This dress by Tsu is absolutely gorgeous, I love it to DEATH.

Wardrobe 110131 090

Dress not for sale
Skirts $20 each. Xmas one very well-made and cute. Carousel one is well-made but very faded. Chandelier one is too narrow but really cute screenprinting.

Wardrobe 110131 108

Angelic Pretty Bashful Bear bag. Never worn? Maybe once? Perfect condition. $100

That'll do for now. I have some coats and shirts I need to sell too but for now this will do.

Going through the entirety of my daily lolita posts to find worn pictures was FUN. But wow. I have changed a lot many times over the years! ^^


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  • livejournaaaalllllll

    Was looking back through some of my previous entries from my last foray into singledom, and DAMN they are helpful and useful and nostalgic and I need…

  • Kinki Kitty Launch Party - Reschedule!! :D

    Hi all! I would like to announce an event that will be held this Friday night in downtown Detroit, a launch party and fashion show for my brand…